Research And Development

Research And Development

Our Research & Development

We are equipped with a fully functional chemical laboratory having state of art modern equipments to analyze and develop new products. Our quality team delivers highly standardized products with in depth tests and analysis. We work closely with our customers to develop customize chemicals solutions exclusive to our partners.

Our Products

We have launched the UNOL brand specialty chemicals which are exclusively manufactured and marketed by Univenture Industries Pvt. Ltd.

UNOL-7 – Our flagship product is polyisobutylene succinic anhydride (PIBSA) marketed as highly specialized chemical widely used in various industrial applications. It is manufactured advanced technology producing chlorine-free material with high activity and less by-products.

UNOL-8 – A polymeric surfactant being used in creating a stable ‘water in oil’ emulsion explosives suitable for manufacturing both packaged and bulk emulsion explosives. Dispersants derived from this product are used in motor oils they help in disperse carbon soot and prevent slugging.

UNOL-6 – Sorbitan Mono Oleate (SMO) used as emulsifiers, wetting agent and coupling agent in various industries.