Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA) serves as a chemical intermediate which helps in dispersion of hydrocarbon products. It is used as an additive for bio-fuels, emulsion explosives, lubricants, oil drilling, water treatment & coatings. It is derived from different grades of polyisobutylene by reacting it with maleic anhydride. We produce PIBSA of various grades marketed under brand name UNOL-7.

We manufacture PIBSA via thermal process and so there is no chlorine in our products.

  • UNOL-7 is an ash less dispersant used for lubricant formulation. This aids in controlling deposits, sludge formation and prevents oil thickening.
  • UNOL-7 based dispersants can help improve fuel economy and decrease frequency of oil drains, thereby offering environmental benefits.
  • UNOL-7 serves as an intermediate in the manufacturing process of different grades of polymeric emulsifiers is the key ingredient for manufacturing cartridge emulsion explosives.
  • UNOL -7 can then be further reacted to provide functional and performance products used in the oil, fuel, lubes, mining, coatings, personal care, pigments, dyes and polymers sectors.
  • Used for preparation of various types of polyisobutylene succinimide

Appearance : Amber coloured to Golden

Acid Value (mg KOH/gm) : 40-50

SAP Value (mg KOH/gm) : 95-105

Viscosity @ 100 Degrees C : 450 – 550 cst

Specific Gravity : 0.9 – 0.95

Suggested Storage: Max temp for Storage 70 degrees Celcius

PIBSA can be tailored to meet customer needs of color, viscosity , Acid value and SAP value.

Available in 210 litre HDPE Drums, IBC’s & Bulk