Sorbitan Monostearate


Sorbitan monostearate is an ester of sorbitan (a sorbitol derivative) and stearic acid . The sorbitol end of the molecule is very soluble in water. The stearic acid end is soluble in fats. These properties make the molecule very good at making emulsions of oil and water. It is used to maintain a suspension of water and oil in a variety of products, and particularly in chocolates to maintain colour and shine. It produces stable O/W emulsions with good aesthetics

CAS No. : 1338-41-6

Synonyms : SMS, Span 60, Sorbitan Monostearate

Molecular formula: C24H46O6

Molecular Structure:

Sorbitan Monostearate

  • Used as an emulsifying agent in cake mixes, icings, baked goods, puddings, imitation whipped cream. When used in cakes it results in softer cakes with a uniform crumb structure.
  • Due to its low odor and mildeness on skin It is used as emulsifier in hemorrhoid creams, and creams to treat dry skin, cleansing lotions, in make up foundations, sunscreen products, lipsticks, bath oils etc
  • It is used pharmaceutical formulations like oral care & topical care.
  • It is used as a wax coating on produce.
  • Used in production of instant dry yeast. SMS protects yeast cells during the drying process and aids in the rehydration of yeast cells upon usage of yeast.

Appearance : Creamish Powder

Odour  : Neutral

Taste : Neutral

Acid Value :10.0 max

Iodine Value :3.0 max.

Saponification Value :145-160

Melting Point : 60° ± 5°C

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