Sorbitan Tri Oleate


It is a mixture of partial tri-ester of sorbitol and its mono and di -anhydrides with oleic acid. It is Non-ionic, Lipophillic (Hydrophobic, Oil Loving) surfactant. This ester is also used for preparing water in oil emulsifier for neutral and mildly alkaline and acidic pH systems. It helps to eliminate the oily film normally found after use of water in oil creams.

CAS NO: 26266-58-0

Synonyms: Span 85, emulsifier S85

Molecular Formula : C60H108O8



Sorbitan Tri Oleate


  • Emulsifier for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • As a lubricant, dispersant and softener for textiles
  • In lubricants and rust preventive oils for corrosion inhibition property
  • For ethoxilation