PIBSI – Polyisobutylene Succinimides


 PIBSI is a dispersant/detergent additive is used in multifunctional packages for middle distillates, especially for use in premium diesel fuel or heating oil. It considerably reduces soot formation and improves the fuel efficiency/economy . It provides excellent low temperature sludge and varnish control in gasoline engines and effective dispersancy for deposit control in both medium-speed and high temperature super-charged diesel engines. PIBSI also helps to reduce maintenance costs by providing corrosion inhibition. We manufacture PIBSI by the amination of the anhydride group of the PIBSA molecule with long chain polyamines such as DETA, TETA and TEPA.


PLEASE NOTE PIBISI CAN BE MANUFACTURED AS PER APPLICATION REQUIREMENT OF NITROGENT % and VISCOSITY. THERE CAN BE MULTIPLE COMBINATIONS FOR PIBSI Depending of amine used for the manufacturing. Please get in touch with us for your specific needs.

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