Sorbiton Mono Laurate


Sorbitan monolaurate is a mixture of esters formed from the fatty acid lauric acid and polyols derived from sorbitol, including sorbitan and isosorbide. It widely used as surface active substances and raw materials . The chemical structure of the Sorbitan laurate combines a good environmental profile, especially in terms of ready biodegradability and no harmful effects on aquatic life, with the structural features required for their manifold uses. It functions as a surfactant and emulsifying agent. It is used as a wetter, emulsifier, emulsifier O/W, and emulsifier W/O.

CAS NO: 1338-39-2

Synonyms: Span 20, emulsifier S20

Molecular Formula : C18H34O6

Sorbiton Mono Laurate


  • Sorbitan laurate is a common component in laundry products, cleaners, aerosol sprays, disinfectants, pest control , sprays, polishes, water softeners.
  • Used in coatings, paints, thinners, paint removers.
  • Emulsifier for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
  • Emulsifiers and dispersants for pigments, Emulsifiers for lubricants
  • It is also used for ethoxylation.

Appearance (Color)  :Yellow to Yellow-Green

Appearance (Form)   :Liquid

Appearance (Turbidity)  :Clear

At cooler temperatures material may appear hazy but will clear up upon heating

Purity (GC)                                          > 44.0 %

(LAURIC ACID) Balance Primarily Myristic, Palmitic and Linolenic Acids

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