We Synthesise PIBSA based emulsifiers in-house to tailor surfactant head-group functionality to suit each of our customer’s specific needs. It also enables our customers to specify their required product attributes such as viscosity, activity level and overall cost. In addition we also offer off the shelf standard Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride based emulsifiers which incorporate next generation surfactant head-group technologies.

  • These emulsifiers create stable ammonium nitrate ‘water in oil’ emulsions that are suitable for the production of both packaged and bulk ANFO explosives.
  • Ready to use as ashless dispersants for engine oil additives and diesel fuel additive.
  • Used as soluble oil emulsifier in metal working fluid formulations.
  • Used as a co-surfactant /co-emulsifiers with products such as SMO for various applications.


Appearance: Amber to Dark Brown colored liquid

Acid Value (mg KOH/gm): 20- 25

SAP Value (mg KOH/gm) : 45 – 55

Viscosity @ 70 Degrees Celsius : 1800 +/- 200 cps

Specific Gravity: 0.93 – 0.95

Suggested Storage: Max temp for Storage 70 degrees

PIBSA emulsifier can be tailored to meet customer needs of color, viscosity , Acid value and SAP value.